if I was a mirrow

23. September 2008 § Ein Kommentar

if I was a mirrow, I could hardly decide on which of the walls in your flat I would like to hang.
In the corridor I would always have a nice word for you if you dressed up for a handsome young man and if you still worry – before you leave- if you are pretty enough. Of course you are pretty!
Not only your appearance but also your character is very nice, as far as I can judge this, as a mirrow…
In the bathroom I would amuse myself in the mornings about your eyes stuck shut and your disheveled hairstyle; in a good relationship, at last, a little bit sense of humor may not be missing. And, of course, somebody needs to motivate you to start the day in a good mood. And if you hurry back to me, before you leave the flat, because you forgot to cover the pimple on your forehead, I would wistle into your ears: hey, mona, we see well only with our hearts, the important things are invisible for the eyes;
maybe you would be shirty and leave the house quickly because you are very vain; sometimes.
But I could also imagine to live my life as your driving mirrow as your car is your work equipment. You are taxidriver in Berlin and you have pretty long distances to drive. And I would be with you all the time. Not only that: I could search for a handsome nice guy for you among the passengers; yes, I would do that for you even If I became jealous because you would probably feel less for me.
Though, maybe it’s not the best idea to be your driving mirrow; at the nights I would be very lonely outside in the garage. And you would be lonely in your flat.
A mirrow next to your bed – that would be great! Every night you could tell me all your experiences and adventures of the day, I would console you if your date (the handsome guy) wasn’t interested and I would rock you to sleep.
I would give you a good-night-kiss (or two or even three) and watch you sleeping and dreaming. And of course I would take care about you.
In the morning I would direct the shafts of sunlight into your face so that they can tickle your nose and wake you up of your sweet dreams. I would be so happy about how beautiful you are if you loll and stretch yourself and if the sun shines into your face. That would be nice.
Yes, I think I would like to be your bedroom mirrow because then I would be the happiest mirrow in the world.


§ Eine Antwort auf if I was a mirrow

  • Quilt-Insel sagt:

    Good Mornig,that´s a so beautyfull poetry. Now my starts much better then I have thought this mornig. Thank you. :)Lovely GreetingsChristiane

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