my last day…

14. Oktober 2008 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

…at work today;
I dressed up in a nice blouse and a skirt, with some stockings, have put some make-up on (what I normally don’t do) and shocked my colleagues; brought a cheese-cake and some sweets and left a note in the kitchen that it’s time to celebrate my last day;
they were really irritated; but, they haven’t read the note properly – it was only my last day of the first year in this company;
happy that I am still alive after 365days in that chick-department :-)
I was soo hyper today, I am not really sure what they mixed into my food which I bought in the cafeteria…

got a compliment on my style from the trainee, am very happy that the gym is effective and I can wear some of my garments again ;-)



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