my career as a football player

15. Oktober 2008 § Hinterlasse einen Kommentar

my career as a football player started when I was born: my blood is infected with the football virus, 50% of it is the goalkeeper-blood ;-);
my mom was the best keeper of her league when she was a teenager, but after a knee injury she had to stop playing…
my step-father is trainer and player himself, my middle brother is keeper (like his mummy) and my little brother is midfileder and sometimes striker;

when I was a teenager, my dad was the trainer of some guys, same age then me; you can imagine that I didn’t have anything better to do than joining every weekend…

when I was nineteen, I once joint a training with a classmate, but this was the only one as I would have had to drive to another village; it was too stressful;

my 1st great gig took place when I was 22: it was sunday and my brother’s first communion; and mother’s day; we played football in the garden; my grandma told me to take of my high-heels (which were not really high) as I would break my leg; I then played shoelessly; when my cousin wanted to attack me I defended the ball and kicked it away; unfortunately I didn’t kick the ball but into the lawn; my little right toe broke and stood-away in 90°, damm… my mom went to hospital with me and the rest I do not want to remember (even if I do remember);
as I studied far away from home and had to go back the same day I had to travel barefootly as I couldn’t wear shoes any more; nobody realised my bandage and helped me with the luggage…

my 2nd game took place when I was 27 years old: I joint a volleyball-team and in the second training, we wanted to warm up by playing football. I wanted to get the ball from my adversary and I tried to attack him from behind; he turned round and rammed is ellbow into my face, directly onto my nose; it was hurting like hell and bleeding, I wore a new white adidas t-shirt and worried about the stains; it was a thursday night and all doctors went home; one of the players, without knowing me, was so kind and drove me to hospital; he even lent me 10eur which you always have to pay before they start examining you;
I told the doctor that I believed my nose broke; he said „no“; I was pissed, as I know how it feels if my nose broke (broke it twice before, but it never hurted and never bleeded at all; this time was really crazy) but said to the doctor that he doesn’t have to do x-ray if he feels confident; he said, he will do it if I insist on it; I couldn’t believe that I had to argue with that stupid fellow; finaly I was right, the nose was broken into two pieces, you could clearly see it on the x-ray photograph; the doctor felt embarrassed…

today was my 3rd gig; one of my collegues asked me a long time ago to join her playing football; I told her that I would love to do so but I am not fit at all;
since three weeks we have been trying to join the training but we have had so many late meetings that today only we could make it; first I refused to be goal keeper, but I felt that I was not too bad; and actually, when we swaped, after 2 minutes playing on that little baby-football-playground, I was gasping like a walrus; I would not have expected that it is so exhausting; but still it was great fun and I would like to do it again
maybe I start my career now, at the age of 31 :-)?? who knows…



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