mc gym

29. Oktober 2008 § 2 Kommentare

spent two hours in the gym on monday and was pretty happy about that
so happy that I went to mc donald for dinner
how stupid…???

ps: however, I spent again two hours there today and did not go to mc d :-)



§ 2 Antworten auf mc gym

  • Quilt-Insel sagt:

    Congratulations that you have managed not to go to mc d.I know how hard it is trying to loos weight. I try it now for nearly one year but I don´t manage it very well. Since feb. I just manage 4 kg and since that it ist stocking :(LGChristiane

  • sabine sagt:

    I manage quite wellam working on my bikini-body for summer 09, let’s see if I have success :-)…

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