funny clubbing active wellness weekend

2. November 2008 § Ein Kommentar

this weekend was really great:
last night I went out in nürnberg with some colleagues, we couln’t decide where to go, however, as some bars were growded we first went to the bar celona; had a nice chat and some cocktails; as I am not used to drinking anymore the alcohol made my brain cells go mad, ordered some nice homemade bread to find a balance and a big coke (which wasn’t served within 30min); was not really happy about that, when I got it it tasted like water and we gave it back;
later on we went into the rote bar (this was the club which we tried first but which was too full)
was really nice there, we were chatting and watching men :-); very soon, when everybody left, we thought about going to a disco, wanted to try the bar 77, but it turned into a smoking club; as we enjoyed the clubs without smokers inside we decided to go somewhere else; one of my colleagues boyfriends was in the schmelztiegel; it was great fun, we were dancing and all the young guys where staring at us :-), enjoyed it;
finally, at 3am in the morning we walked back to one colleagues home and another colleague drove me back home; it’s a long time ago that I spent such a nice evening, I realised what I have missed during the last months and years…

today I went swimming with another colleague to the atlantis bad; we didn’t really swim, but enjoyed the water, the waves, the steam bath and the shoot; after 2 hours there we went to mc d. for some junk food, sorry ;-)

now, I really cheered-up and feel great and will enjoy the rest of the evening


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  • Quilt-Insel sagt:

    Helle, I understand very well what you mean.I was in Wellness holidays this year for one week. Now I know what I have needed and missed all the last years. I should have done this much earlier ;)It was soooo relaxing and I had so much fun.You should do something like this much often.LGChristiane

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