happy new year 2009

31. Dezember 2008 § 3 Kommentare

today a very busy and strange year ends, it was like a roller-coaster for me:
in january I was very busy at work, and, additionally, was writing my book „sewn greeting cards“; in february the script was finalised; I went to china on business trip,
march and april were quiet; in may, the book sales started, I sold my cards at a market in würzburg and established my label „bags’n style“;
june was a busy month at work and I started to sell my cards in a shop in hannover (limetrees; thanks to bianca who offered it to me ;-));
end of july was quiet again; that’s why I have tried cycling to work; 20km single distance, have done it 4 times, enjoyed it really a lot and plan to do it next year again;
august was strange: on the one hand, it was the holiday month, on the other hand me and my boyfriend split-up after a 4 year-realtionship;
in september I have started gym and selling my bags in a shop in nueremberg; in october I decided to play football, in november I joint our company’s choir; it was again a hard month at work;
finally, december was quiet again and I had some holidays;
so far, after all my sporty times and because of being love-sick, I have lost 10kilos weight (approx. 22 pounds) – minus approx. 2kilos x-mas meals and cookies ;-(, I am really proud of it ;-); right now I am with my parents: helped my dad at his construction site, my mum will get a massage studio; still a lot to do, but I like doing it, even if I am „only“ dogsboy :-); last night, we inaugurated the sauna, which was really funny as we had to walk through the „dirt“…; after that I got a nice massage, hmmm;
today, I plan to go jogging in the forest for the last time in this year
and tonight I will first have a nice dinner with my family and later on go out with a friend of mine in augsburg;
do I have any plans for the new year? no, because experience shows that I never realised my plans so far, and I was always unhappy about it; that’s why some time ago I have decided not to plan any big things; only one plan I have which, for sure, will be realised: I will write this blog bi-lingually, additionally in german, so that more people can understand it ;-);

I wish you all the best for 2009, may your wishes and plans come true – if you have any;
lots of health and fun; let’s enjoy life as it is too short to be unhappy!!


§ 3 Antworten auf happy new year 2009

  • Gabriele Mast sagt:

    Hallo Sabine, das freut mich wahrscheinlich am meisten das du dir vor genommen hast deinen Blog auch in Deutsch zu schreiben,netten fröhlichen Rutsch heut abend ,liebe Grüße Gaby

  • Jessica Martiele sagt:

    Thank you for writing it in English, or I’d only have understood a tiny part. I just happened on your blog, but it seems you’ve had an interesting year…and that you take and have shared some amazing photos. I look forward to browsing around on your blog to find the bags you sell. Thank you for posting!

  • Julin sagt:

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